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Have you ever heard somebody telling you to raise your vibration and then they suggested you to meditate, go for a walk in nature or stop negative thinking? Not that easy, right? Especially, when you are dwelling in those deep, dark, shadowy corners of your broken soul, trying to heal inside out, and even the sunshine makes you cringe. It is not that straightforward. The pain, the loss, the fear... whatever is in there, it won’t just go away. You can’t numb it down, colour it light and bright – it doesn’t work like that. You will need to LIVE it, FEEL it, and LEARN from it. Raising vibration from the outside will just bury the problem deeper inside. And how long will you pretend and lie to yourself that you let it go and it is not there anymore? It won’t disappear. Something will trigger it out when you least expect it. It gets more bearable when you are aware of it. You know the cause of your low vibration and the effects of it are no surprise. If you are on the path of “awakening” or ASCENTION as it’s called lately, the vibration mayhem is a natural thing.

There is a lot of going on inside of you physically, mentally and spiritually. The old patterns, behaviours, limiting beliefs are shaken up, and you literally feel like having a hangover, depression, and panic attack all-in-one. You feel you are longing for something, waiting for something to happen, and, at the same time – totally disorientated in your goals, choices, habits, and routines. You can’t explain, but you feel there is something bigger going on and you are a part of it. The worst is – you have no control over it and no information what to do. Very often you wake up at night between 2 and 4am and can’t go back to sleep for no apparent reason. It feels like you are waiting for some sort of message, a sign, but no idea from who or what exactly to look for.

The 3D world around you start feeling fake and unpleasant, and you see more and more of unfairness, pain and people struggle. You feel disconnected as you are floating between different dimensions. You get more sensitive and tearful. When you see yourself in the mirror, a flash of thought “It’s not ME” rushes through your mind, but you “convince” yourself “Of course, it’s me, what a silly idea!” You sleep more now and at random times of the day. Periods of crazy activity and creative energy shuffle with complete exhaustion and laziness, unexplained aches and wall-staring stillness. You are overwhelmed by noises, outside world, media, people around you. Even your family and friends annoy you, and you want PEACE and SOLITUDE.

You don’t want to do anything for days, just “re-charge your batteries” and “re-boot your system”. You start hating your “normal” job, duties, place you live, and it feels like you constantly are in a wrong time and place. You crave certain foods and gain weight, especially – in abdominal area, and struggle to lose it whatever you do. Sometimes you feel insane and wonder whether you have some mental disorder. That makes you vulnerable and powerless. Anything you plan might go completely different, and you have to adjust your plans all the time...

All these symptoms and many more are part of transcendence, restructuring, moving into different dimension and they will pass when your body, mind, spirit, and soul are ready. No need to force yourself to raise your vibration – the process is simultaneous and irreversible. Don’t be scared, it’s not going to kill you. We are going through it together. Trust yourself and your vibration will raise in the right time.

Meanwhile you are inhabiting on the edge between dimensions, obsessively reading self-help literature, going through trainings, under-earning, and trying to improve yourself, there is something I can help you.

There is an intermediary tool to dive in unknown realms of your inner space and deeper levels of your subconsciousness to ease that balancing on a threshold. You can’t control the things, but you can live life on your own terms. This tool gives you access to information, stimulates your intuition, provides guidance, clarity, and new perspectives. You will see your goals and struggles from different angles. You will be able to align with infinite possibilities and chances to progress and realise the purpose of your transformation. It’s not going to predict your future; it will give you the idea how the future can unfold and how you can adjust your vibes to connect with it.

“Some people wait for their ship all life while standing in the airport.” Don’t stand there waiting. I will help you to arrive to the correct decisions and make change happen FOR you, not TO you. I am not a psychic, but, with gifts of claircognizance and clairsentience, I am able to use this metaphysical instrument to provide you a roadmap how to create your own happy-ever-after story.

You will notice that sailing through dimensional flow corridors becomes smoother and safer. Your energy will change and you will take actions with intention and based on your core values. You will tap into your inner wisdom and intuition to overcome any obstacles and grow stronger and more productive every day.

Let me show you – how... click here

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